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Columbus Clappers vs Miami Vice Finals

Author: M1NN, 08/16/20

M1NN previews the Clappers vs Vice Finals and gives some backstory for both teams ahead of their match tonight.

SPL Season 3 Grand Finals:

With the Grand Finals for Season 3 of the SPL Pro Division coming up tonight @9:30PM EST I thought I would give a quick rundown of both the teams involved before doing my prediction for the series, for anyone who might be watching SPL for the first time!

#1 Columbus Clappers

The 1st team that is participating in our Season 3 Finals is a team that has been in this spot plenty of times before. The Columbus Clappers are the most dominant team in the history of NA Slapshot, no argument needed. They have won every single NA league final, including 3 SPL Championships. Leading the Clappers, as always, is their star captain Panarin. While his stats may not show it this season (11 Goals, 26 Assists, and 34 Saves in the Regular Season), he has been the most dominant player in NA Slapshot for a very, very long time. Alongside Panarin this season are two players who are new to the Clappers but are very talented in their own right. Occelloth and TyrantK joined the Clappers this past offseason and have made the team into an even bigger powerhouse then they were before. The pair combined for 108 goals this season (57 for Occelloth and 51 for TyrantK) and both could easily make a claim for the Regular Season MVP award. This great pairing has also allowed Panarin to take a more defensive role for the squad, giving the Clappers both terrifying offensive power and a great defense to back it up. After earning a first round bye due to being one of our top two teams at the end of the regular season, the Clappers beat their Semi-Final opponent, the Brooklyn Bandits, 2-1 in a best of 3 series to earn their spot in the Finals. While being in the Finals is something very familiar to Panarin, this will be the first time both Occelloth and TyrantK find themselves with a chance to take home a championship. Will they be able to live up to the Clappers namesake and help Panarin continue his championship streak? Well before we can discuss my thoughts on that we need to introduce their opponent.

#2 Miami Vice

The team set to faceoff against the Clappers in the Finals is the same team they faced last season, the Miami Vice. The Vice got as close as almost any team had to beating the Clappers in last season’s Finals, getting a 2-0 series lead before the Clappers completed a reverse-sweep to take the series 3-2. The Vice decided to not make any changes to their roster after the loss and have found their way back to the Finals once again. Led by their captain and main defenseman Reno, who is actually making his 3rd straight Finals appearance, the Vice look to undo the wrongs of last season and come away with their first championship. As stated Reno leads the team’s defense, grabbing 71 Saves over the course of the 14 game regular season. On the offensive side of the puck the Vice boast just as much firepower as the Clappers, with the duo of former Clappers frontman Meatsale and perennial MVP candidate Rodeo. The two combined for 94 goals this season, though this was a drop in production compared to their previous season total. Still, the Vice are looking as strong as ever, coming off a 2-1 series win over the #6 Chicago Sail to earn their second straight Finals appearance. Will the Vice be able to learn from their previous failures and come away victorious?


Alright now that the teams have been introduced we can finally talk about the series! This series, as all SPL finals have been, will be a best of 5 series. The Clappers and Vice were the first teams to reach Game 5 with their last Finals performance and I can see them doing it again. While on paper the Clappers seem to have the edge over Miami, it should be noted that the Vice won the last regular season matchup between the teams, winning 5-3 off a hat-trick from Meatsale and 7 saves from Reno. This will also be the first time we see Panarin without his usual Finals partner Dream. Dream played a very key role in last season’s finals, picking up an insane 43 saves over the course of those 5 games. However, the Clappers might not need to make such defense plays this time around. Going back to their last matchup, the Clappers outshot the Vice 13-6. While the Vice did come away victorious, it is clear from that statline the Clappers forced them on their backfoot for most of the match. Overall, I think this will be a very close and competitive series. The last time these teams met in the Finals it was the best Slapshot I have ever seen and I expect another great series on Sunday. When it comes to who I think is going to win, I have to give the nod to the Columbus Clappers. The Vice will give them a good fight, I know that for sure, but I think the offense of the Clappers will be too much for the Vice to handle. The longer this series goes the more it will benefit Columbus, so unless the Vice can get their 3 wins quickly, I think this is the Clappers series to lose

Final Prediction: Clappers 3-2

If you want to watch these Finals make sure to tune in on Sunday night @9:30PM EST!