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News Report


09/03/20 | Tetsu The Ghoul

Ghoul writes about his semi-retirement and more...

I continued to defy the odds in this league. From NSL to SPL I led a mostly successful Slapshot career, well in my eyes I guess. I put so much effort into proving myself for the Pro Division, but I guess the universe had other plans for me. In my eyes there were not many teams that I could say actually had my back when I had theirs. Going up against Panarin was the dream but now as daybreak comes a new day is upon us. 

As that day comes people can change within the blink of an eye. As for me I’ll go a different path and maybe one day I will return to that path. This opportunity will give me some time to clear my mind. I’m not retiring, I am semi-retiring. In other words I’m taking a break from competitive play. I will still pub and pug because I don’t want to fall off.

However if I do get an offer from a Pro team I’ll take it as for IM I’ll consider. For now I will write more articles, pop out some interviews, and coach the Ghoulz. Writing articles for this league is fun and a passion of mine. 

Noob Weapons : Thank you for training me. You were a big part of where I am Today in Slapshot. I miss you man. I hope I can see you again soon.

Renard : Thank you for giving me a chance to prove myself on Wreckers and having my back and supporting me.

Sonicshadow & Dino : My true slap brothers I hope we can reunite again after this tourney in Slapshot Rebound. You guys are awesome and don’t let anyone say different.

Tee : (Blank)

LemonBond : Stay fresh my lemon and dominate the competition.

M1NN & the rest of the SPL staff : For you guys to run SPL since QDub and Kodiak left is impressive. Keep up what you’re doing and thanks for what you did for me.

Glizzy Gladiators : Glizzy all the way :)

CC : Although you never really talked to me when I tried to or tried to play Among Us with you. I looked up to you and I thank you for giving me a chance in JSL.

Panarin : Jeez how do I start. This one is going to be embarrassing. Nothing I want more than to play with you at the same level or go beyond that level. I spent countless hours on end practicing looking at SPL videos analyzing every single Pro Division player. I hope one day I go against you and have a fun match with you. I hope you do good and get better. Keep clapping bro.

Erveon : And finally erveon. WHERE IS MY KEY XD. I'm just kidding. Keep up the good work on rebound I’m definitely playing it.

Slapshot has given me some great memories and some of my good friends are here. I hope to see you all in pubs or pugs. If anyone ever needs me I’m a text a way. Daybreak has come my friends and I will see you soon. See you soon and this is The Blue Reaper saying stay slapping.