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Intermediate Division Pre-season Rankings - Renard's Report

Author: Renard, 05/05/20

Renard gives us his rankings for Intermediate ahead of Season 2 opening day.

1. Midwest Shrimp Riders 

You know who they are by now. If you don’t, well, you’re missing out. Newcomer qslvr showed great potential while playing for the Baltimore Burgers last season in the pro division (2-12) but surely will find his wings alongside Mdub, a fan favorite around the league. Solidifying the defensive core in the back, along with EW who developed sharpshooter skills, this team will reach the top of the standings at the end of the season.   

2. Boston Barrage

Here’s a team that rightfully deserves its spot in the top 2 of this division. Led by Donut, a versatile offensive player (as he showed in the past few tournaments) along with his accurate Slapshot IQ, he makes for a potential future MVP this season. Derek, his friend of always, will try to keep the boat afloat in the back end. Even though he has good tools with him, he will need to tweak his decision-making process to ensure fewer goals are allowed. Monki, a surprise pickup for the organisation, will contribute greatly to the offense as he showed in previous JSL season 2, winning the championship**. (Please, read until the end of the report)  

3. Drumbo Cows 

This one is a bit of a headscratcher, as LemonBond has all the tools to succeed in this league. His sharp thinking and quick passes have been proven detrimental in past competitive games, as he was seen finishing third in the latest 3v3 tournament. Alongside Random Player (Oscar), he has a great foundation for success. Only problem will be finding a suitable third during the season, knowing Jaycer suffers from internet issues and not seeing Milkman recently in the game. They will be a dark horse in the race.  

4. Bangor Yetis 

Yes, you read that right. Shudder and Systo have developed a chemistry that will last long. Both can be pretty deceptive in the offensive zone, with shots coming from anywhere in the rink. The streamers have contributed greatly to the game, now let’s see what they can pull off in the future. With a goalie such as Kacktus, we might see a fantastic fight for the middle of the pack.  

5. Honolulu Hootenannys 

Let’s face it, motivation doesn’t seem to be at the ‘rendez-vous’ for the three players. Being relegated from pro to IM and discarding Flaunty from their lineup might be the shakeup needed to come back in grand form for a potential ‘last season’ in the game. However, even though Fatleft, Luigi and Jambi are all good players (and can hold their own against the greats of Slapshot), the lack of sheer desire to win will most probably be their downfall. I hope I am proven wrong, as they are all gentlemen.  

6. Detroit Mighty Clucks 

The team’s success will definitely be determined by the presence (or lack of) of Rick and Reek. The duo has shown great promise but failed to reach their potential in the recent months, even leaving for a few weeks, leaving their career in jeopardy. B*tt and Begrip are both similar players with great assets, but will come short at the end of regular season.  

7. Winnipeg Wrath  

Too much uncertainty, too many changes and only one fairly known player in the group, the little misfits are the only group I can’t judge properly before the start of this season. Ohgood can shoot the puck, but will need to be fed as this isn’t a one man show any longer. This will be a tough race to avoid relegation at the end of regular season. 

 ** I will be honest, I do not think Monki will be starting as Flaunty was seen regularly with his teammates in the scrims. However, I felt like messing with him. Sorry Flaunty, have fun in the rink ��