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Miami Vice vs Chicago Sail Preview

Author: M1NN, 08/13/20

M1NN previews the Vice vs Sail Semi-Finals matchup.

Pro Division Playoffs:

#2 Miami Vice vs #6 Chicago Sail

They actually did it, the mad men. Despite a rough regular season the Sail were able to come together during their first round matchup vs the Surge, taking the series 2-1 off some great play from all 3 members. A huge shoutout has to be given to Baumz, who despite his inexperience at the pro level proved to be a big part of the Sail’s eventual series victory. Now they face a much tougher opponent. While the Vice have not looked as solid this season as they did last season, they are still one of the best teams in the league. Their star-studded lineup is coming off a very nice final week to the season, including a victory over the #1 Clappers. It’s hard not to favor the Vice in this matchup, though the Sail have given them a tough time before. Overall while the Sail are sure to be riding in with some momentum, I believe this series should still be easily handled by the Vice. The Sail will put up a fight, maybe a better one than any of us (or them for that matter) expect, but I don’t see them taking down a team as well built as Miami

Final Prediction: Vice 2-1