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northernWV's Top 10 - Week 2

Author: northernWV, 12/23/19

Week 2 Standings

Honolulu and Boston impress. Virginia and Nashville slide in northernWV's Top 10 for Week 2.

1. Columbus Clappers  (2-0)          -
It was easy claps for Columbus in the first week, only playing 2 games and winning by an average of nine points.  Despite just playing two games, Panarin is only 2 goals away from the leader.  The Clappers now have a tough stretch of schedule with 5 out of their next 6 games coming against Carolina, Honolulu, Denver, Baltimore, and St. Louis.
2. Long Island Fishermen (3-0)     +1
The Fishermen impressed in Week 1 with a huge win, weathering the Storm 5-4, followed by another 1-goal win over the Burgers.  In their third game, the Fishermen destroyed the Ogres, running up the score 26-3 including walking in a goal on an empty net with 1 second left.  The Fishermen will look to keep their impressive start going with games upcoming against the Venom and Barrage in Week 2.
3. St. Louis Storm (2-1)                -1
The Storm were rather unconvincing in Week 1 (in regards to their expectations), losing to the Fishermen and beating the Barrage and Cows by 3 and 4 goals respectively.  Looking ahead, the Storm will have winnable matches vs Chicago, Virginia, Seattle and Ireland before the much anticipated match up vs the Clappers in Week 3.
4. Denver Omelets (3-0)              +2
The decision to stick with the same group of players from the NSL season 2 looks to be a good one as the Omelets started off the season 3-0 including a thrashing of the Cows 17-4.  Unlike most teams trying to figure out positioning and chemistry, the Omelets already have that figured out and have looked sharp in their first week.  The Omelets won't count their eggs before they're cracked, but a 6-0 start is within reach before a big showdown with Columbus.
5. Honululu Hootenannys (3-0)    +3
The Hootenannys had undeniably the best start to the SPL season, winning all three games in convincing fashion by at least 7 goals, including a 9-0 shutout vs the Virginia Express.  Although EpicMan67 may be the face of the franchise, it is FatLeft and TheLuigi who have been the most dominant duo of the early season, combining for 39 points.  Both find themselves in the top 6 in scoring.  Just like Denver, the Hootenannys look to be undefeated when they take on Columbus next week, but Chicago and Ireland will try to kill the Hootenanny hype.
6. Carolina Smokers (3-0)            -2
The Smokers have a lot of big names on the team with DENN1S, TheC0ckyWalrus and SooperSmokerKyle, but it was Kspyre who brought the smoke in Week 1 leading the league in goals (14) and points (22).  Carolina finished Week 1 3-0, but have yet to get a statement win.  Their best win versus Virginia 7-6 was overshadowed by Honolulu who played Virginia right before and destroyed the Express 9-0.  Still, the Smokers are undefeated and have a ton of talent, so it would be ill-advised to write this team off just because they haven't blown anyone out yet.
7. Boston Barrage (1-2)               +4
Although they finished Week 1 with a 1-2 record, the Barrage had arguably the toughest Week 1 schedule and played the top teams close, losing to Denver and St. Louis both by just 3 goals before finally breaking out with a barrage of goals against Baltimore to double the Burgers up 6-3.  Boston has proved that they are not going to be an easy out for anyone and are looking like a team that can play in the challenger division next season.
8. Baltimore Burgers (1-2)          +1
It looked to be a well done first week for the Burgers, beating Nashville and losing a 1 goal game to a great Long Island team until Boston came to town and stunned Baltimore 8-6 and changed the expectations for this Burger team.  The good news for the 1-2 Baltimore team is they have a very manageable schedule in front of them.  Their next eight games include Virginia, Drumbo, Ireland, Seattle, Chicago, Columbus, Omaha and Portland.  If the Burgers play up to their potential they could finish that stretch 7-1.  In order to do that however, their positioning will need to be fixed as they seemed all over the ice versus Boston and gave up a massive amount of extremely long goals in that contest.
9. Nashville Venom (1-1)            -4
The Venom's season started off with a sting dropping their first game of the season to Baltimore.  Their only other game this week was a 6-0 win versus Omaha.  The Venom will have to get some more offense out of Kodiak and Galzzy like they are capable of, who both scored 3 goals in 6 periods.  That is respectable but might not cut it versus some of the higher powered offensive teams in the league.  The Venom will face two of the better defensive teams in the league, Long Island and Boston, in Week 2 and it will be interesting to see how Nashville responds.
10. Virginia Express (0-3)            -3
The Express' expectations were derailed in Week 1, finishing a difficult schedule 0-3 versus Denver, Honolulu and Carolina.  Despite the blowout loss to Honolulu, the Express played Denver and Carolina close, but 7 goals in 3 games is something that will need to be fixed if Virginia wants to get back on track.  Virginia will continue its difficult early season schedule with St. Louis and Baltimore the next two games.  It will be vital for the Express to come away with a win in one of these games to prove they can beat the top teams in the SPL. 

Dropped out: Jersey Iron Lotus (0-3)

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