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Open Division Power Rankings - Week 3

Author: MDub, Contributors: LemonBond & domikus, 03/06/20

Clompers top this week's power rankings being the only team still undefeated in Open Division.

1. Columbus Clompers (+2)

Only undefeated team left in the League after week 3. 

Week 2 Record: 1-0-0

Season Record: 3-0-0

2. Kansas City Cyclone (+2)

1 loss to the Pepe Tactics but was able to rebound and beat Pyongyang and the Mighty Clucks in back to back days. 

Week 2 Record: 1-1-0

Season Record: 2-1-0

3. Ireland Pepe Tactics (+5)

With wins over the Cyclone and the Ogres the Pepe Tactics jump 5 spots into number 3. 

Week 2 Record: 3-0-0

Season Record: 3-1-0

4. Bangor Yetis (+3)

With a win over the Knights and the Ogres the yetis move up 3 spots.

Week 2 Record: 1-0-0

Season Record: 2-1-0

5. Pyongyang Fried Chickens (-4)

A Loss to the Cyclone and good quality wins from other teams drops Pyongyang 4 spots. A bounce back game in which they Annihilate the Ogres puts them on track to work back up the leaderboards. 

Week 2 Record: 0-1-0

Season Record: 1-1-0

6. Nashville Knights (-4)

Week 3 was not kind to the Knights of Nashville as a loss vs the tactics and a close game vs the Yetis leaves them with 2 losses in week 3. 

Week 2 Record: 0-2-0

Season Record: 2-2-0

7. Detroit Mighty Clucks (-1)

A loss to the Cyclone is nothing to hang your head about as the clucks bounce back to handle the Ogres 9-2. 

Week 2 Record: 0-1-0

Season Record: 1-2-0

8. Drumbo Cows (-3)

A disappointing loss which saw all 9 goals in the game being scored in the 3rd period leaves the Cows at 1-2 to start the season. 

Week 2 Record: 0-1-0

Season Record: 1-1-0

9. Coventry Coyotes (0) 

The Coyotes take down the wrath and have some big games coming up in the next few weeks to determine their spot on the leaderboard. 

Week 2 Record: 1-0-0

Season Record: 1-1-0

10. Omaha Ogres (0) 

The Ogres fell to the Fried Chickens and the Mighty Clucks to see their S1 record fall to 0-5-0.

Week 2 Record: 0-1-0

Season Record: 0-3-0

11. Winnipeg Wrath (0)

The Wrath have yet to win a game and have been essentially blown out in every contest so far

Week 2 Record: 0-1-0

Season Record: 0-3-0