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Pro Division Power Rankings - Week 2

Author: northernWV, 02/26/20

Omelets impress, Baguettes fall

1. Columbus Clappers 2-0
 The Clappers’ victory over the Virginia Express was not surprising, but the final score absolutely was (14-4).  The Express stayed close for a short time before Columbus’ started pouring it on and the Express rolled over.  The Clappers’ trip to Hawai’i, however, was not nearly as relaxing as they would’ve liked as the Hoots managed to stay within 2 goals as Columbus squeezed out a 6-4 victory at the Hootenannys Hype House.  The Clappers still outshot the Hoots 19-8 in the game and dominated possession throughout the entire game.  Dream and Panarin combined for 10 goals in Week 1, which matched meatsale’s goal total by himself.  The Clappers are still the undisputed number 1 until proven otherwise.
2. Carolina Smokers 2-0
 The returning SPL regular season MVP, Rodeo, picked up where he left off last year, scoring 7 goals on 11 shots in his first game with Smokers as they notched a 10-7 win on the road over the Virginia Express.  After leaving The Train Station in Virginia, the Smokers kept rolling as they returned home and handled the Burgers 8-3 with another strong game from Rodeo who scored 4 goals and assisted on the other 4.  Rodeo leads the league in goals (11), points (17) and impact rating (9.85).  The Smokers boast a potent offense that should have no trouble continuing to rack up goals this season.  It will be a struggle for other teams to keep these top two out of the finals.
3. Denver Omelets 2-0 (+1)
 The Omelets have become the clear cut number 3 team after and impressive Week 1.  The addition of Dyno Mike may have been understated this preseason, as most focused on the departure of Shiba and Johnny.  The Omelets started league play on Thursday taking down the hyped-up Baguettes 6-4 at home and immediately rewrote expectations for each team.  Scodz tallied a hat trick in the game and added a pair of saves.  Scodz wasn’t done though as he added another 3 goals, as did Balucha, as Denver traveled to Chicago and took down the Sail with relative ease.  It has been a team effort so far with Denver as Balucha and scodz each have 9 points through two games, and Dyno Mike is right behind with 7.  It seems as if anyone is going to stop the Smokers or Clappers from meeting in the finals, the Denver Omelets are best equipped to take on that task.
4. Baltimore Burgers 1-1 (+1)
 The Burgers had an up and down (or more specifically down and up) first week for the new season.  Baltimore started off the week with a tough game as they traveled down the road to Carolina and failed to find much offense.  The game began with the expected Walster-Panther-Delvige lineup, but after connection issues Panther was forced to sub out for qslvr who provided a small spark with 2 of the team’s 3 goals.  Baltimore had a quick turnaround an immediately played the Baguettes and the offense came alive, specifically Walster who scored 5 goals on 6 shots and sent the Bags back to Canada reeling.  This is a team that has proven they can play and take down the big dogs, but consistency will be key for the Burgers to make a push towards the top.
5. Chicago Sail 1-1 (+3)
 Moving all the way up from 8th to 5th place, the Sail will undoubtedly be the most controversial team on this list.  They started out dropping their first game in disappointing fashion to the Denver Omelets, but that game may have highlighted the dominance of the Omelets more than potential struggles for the Sail.  Chicago rebounded nicely and capped the SPL Week 1 with a strong and impressive win over an EpicMan-less Honolulu team.  After failing to get much going against Denver, Chicago turned towards newly acquired rapier who managed to tally 6 assists in his league debut.  The Sail were voted the most improved team last season and Yuri and vorq have been playing great hockey as of late.  The Sail will look to take down the mighty Clappers next week and prove they belong off of the bottom rung of the Pro Division with an important game versus the Express.
6. Quebec Baguettes 0-2 (-3)
 The Baguettes came into the season with a lot of hype, which quickly disappeared with two quick road losses to the Omelets and Burgers.  After dropping 6-4 Denver, many people expected Quebec to rebound versus Baltimore, but the Baguettes came out with a surprising starting lineup inserting Renard in for Galzzy.  To say the lineup change was the sole reason for the loss would be disingenuous, as no one has realy stepped forward from the team yet to put them on their back.  Their shouldn’t be any questions in regards to chemistry with this team, so they will have to figure out what they issue was in Week 1 to quickly rectify it and start moving towards the top of the standings as was expected, and steer clear of the relegation spots which seemed inconceivable before the season started.  The Baguettes will host Carolina and travel to Honolulu next week as they look to rebound.
7. Virginia Express 0-2
 The Express were victims of a tough schedule for Week 1, as they had to take on both the Clappers and the Smokers.  The first game against the Clappers saw the Express lose big, but they quickly rebounded and had a strong showing against the Smokers who they ultimately fell to 10-7.  The Express were without star player, Seppy, in their first game which was likely a leading cause of the lop-sided result.  The addition of Seppy in the second game proved that with all of their power this team can play with the top teams. 
8. Honolulu Hootenannys 0-2 (-2)
 The Hoots won’t like this Power Rankings and have a legitimate argument that they should not be here, as they played the Clappers much much closer than the Express did, and they were also without star defensemen, EpicMan, in their second game.  However, the score of the Clappers game was slightly deceiving as Columbus controlled possession nearly the entire games, and a loss to the Sail which was out of reach by the third period was not a great look.  It’s early though and not quite time to hit the panic button yet.  Next week, the Hoots will play the two teams directly ahead of them in this week’s Power Rankings, the Bags and Expess, and can get themselves off of the relegation line with a good week 2.  

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