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News Report

Pro Division Pre-Season Rankings - Season 3

07/01/20 | Tetsu The Ghoul

Ghoul ranks the Pro teams ahead of Season 3.

1. Columbus Clappers - I hate to say it but as long as they have Panarin and Dream they are unstoppable.

2. Miami Vice - They will still dominate most of Pro and they proved it in Season 2 playoffs and Season 2 regular season.

3. St. Louis Storm - I trust in FSI that he will put up a good performance this season even though he has lost some baguettes.

4. San Jose Surge - With the addition of Criz they will surely put fear into their opponents eyes. Slime has found his groove at least I think he has.

5. Chicago Sail - They are known to be on the ups and downs. They’ll maintain a pro spot every season, but they can’t keep the flow going in the playoffs. They especially won’t do much with the loss of 6. Vorq. Unless Walster can do something spectacular.

6. Boston Barrage - They have a lot of work to do to prove themselves in Pro but I believe in them.

7. Denver Omelets - In my opinion Balucha is going to be their downfall.

8. Portland Platypuses - This team will probably disband if they can't get anybody in time.