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News Report

Pro Division Quarter-Finals & Promotion Series Predictions

10/14/20 | M1NN

M1NN Predicts how the first round of the Pro playoffs will play out, and how the Pro Promotion Series might go...

Pro Division Playoffs Round 1:

#4 Brooklyn Bandits (8-3-1) vs #5 Carolina Smokers (3-6-3) | 10/14 @10PM EST 

Regular Season Matchups: 

Game 1 Brooklyn won 11-6 

Game 2 Brooklyn won 4-3 (OT) 

Our first playoff matchup here in Season 4 could be an interesting one. On paper this seems like a sure 2-0 for the Bandits, but I think it is going to play out a bit differently than that. While the Bandits are an incredibly solid team, I feel the Smokers are better than their record suggests. 6 of their 9 losses this season were by just a single goal, that includes at least 1 one-goal loss to each of the top 4 teams. I’ve said it before but this Smokers team reminds me a lot of the Sail from last season. With their ability to keep almost any game within reach, the Smokers have a chance to pull off the upset here if the Bandits aren’t careful. However, the Bandits have been one of the most consistent teams this season and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Derek has been a goal scoring machine upfront while Scodz and Qslvr have been providing him some excellent defensive support. I think the Smokers will make this a close series, but ultimately I think the Bandits will be too much for them to handle 

Prediction: Bandits win 2-1

#3 Columbus Clappers (8-2-2) vs #6 Richmond Rats (2-8-2) | 10/15 @TBD 

Regular Season Matchups: 

Game 1 Columbus won 7-6 (OT) 

Game 2 Columbus won 7-4 

Alright I’m not going to sugarcoat this one, I think the Clappers are going to dominate. The Rats are a team that, frankly, shouldn’t even have a playoff spot right now (no offense to them) while the Clappers are still one of the best teams in Slapshot. Now I will give the Rats a little credit, if they play at their peak I think they might be able to squeeze a win out of this series. Only problem is, it's playoff time, so the Clappers, especially Panarin, are going to be at their best too. I would love to see the Rats somehow pull off the upset here, but I don’t think they really have any chance 

Prediction: Clappers win 2-0

Pro Promotional Series

Olympia Omegas (Pro) vs Quebec Baguettes (IM) | 10/16 @TBD

With the Portland Platypus dropping out mid-season we are left with just one Promotional Series this offseason as the Omegas try to hold onto their Pro spot against the Quebec Baguettes. To say things have been rough for the Omegas this season would be an understatement, plenty of blowout losses plus losing one of their main players in Spleen has led to them having to defend their Pro spot. Coming up to challenge them are the Quebec Baguettes, who had an all-around solid season in IM which earned them this chance. If the reports of Green not playing for the Omegas in this series are true then I see this as Quebec’s series to lose. I think the Omegas will put up a fight, but overall I believe that Quebec is the more balanced and well-structured squad and that will be what earns them the series victory. 

Prediction: Baguettes win 2-1