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Return of the Jak

Author: northernWV, 12/30/19

Baltimore Burgers

Child prodigy Jak makes his return to competitive Slapshot

IRL burger flipper Jak has returned to the SPL, agreeing to join Baltimore and flipping the Burgers expectations for the season.  Jak left the Fishermen before the season started, leaving his ex-teammates from the Wreckers (Noob and Dyno) and Titanics (Panther) to join up with Walster, Occelloth, and Renard.  When reached for comment earlier in the season as to why he was not going to play for the Fishermen, Jak simply responded "cant."  The surprise addition for Baltimore adds a ton of offensive and defensive skill for the Burgers and should position Baltimore safely in a promotion spot if they play up to their potential.  Jak showed off his potential as he tallied 3 goals, 5 assists and 3 saves in his SPL debut versus the Drumbo Cows on Sunday night.