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SPL S4 Open Division Power 4 - Week 3

Author: Blades, 09/23/20

Blades writes about the top 4 teams in Open Division after week 2, and the 2 teams in the hot seat...

#4 - Oklahoma Exotics (4th Place - 10 Pts; 5-1-0)

After a strong second week the Oklahoma Exotics now find themselves as the caboose in this week’s Power 4. The Exotics did not have an easy second week with matches against the likes of the Ghoulz and the Washington Airplanes, yet managed to take all three in an excellent week sweep. The Washington Airplanes managed to score 8 against the Exotics this week, but the Exotics also showed up to the gong show and tallied 10 of their own. However, their next matchup against the Ghoulz brought a new defensive side to things as they were able to hold Resp to just two goals and defeated the Ghoulz 8-4. The Exotics final win of the week came over an inexperienced Templars team and Oklahoma now find themselves just a few steps away from the top of Open division.

The Exotics are poised to have another great week. Their toughest game this week will definitely be against the Otters who have now found themselves in 5th place right behind the Exotics. However, the Exotics are the favorites in their other two matchups this week against Buffalo and Athens.

#3 - Winnipeg Wrath (3rd Place - 10 Pts; 5-2-0)

The Wrath had a great showing in their second week of play. Although the Wrath have played an extra game prior to the official start of Week 3 (W3 L vs Choco Coco), the Wrath are still sitting pretty. With a tough first game matchup against the Michigan Mallards, the Wrath stood strong. A win in overtime over the Mallards 5-4 gave the Wrath a huge momentum boost as they handled their next two opponents with ease. Pino and Maki tallied 9 goals on 16 shots against the Golden Spuds in their next matchup while ohg00d had 4 helpers of his own in this 10-4 victory over Buffalo. To finish off their week the Wrath faced off against the Alphas. 13 Goals on 24 shots later, the Wrath were standing tall on a fantastic 3-0 week. The Wrath defeated the Alphas 13-2 and now find themselves in third in this week’s Power 4.

The Wrath have two tough games ahead. The New Jersey Minutemen and the Canada Camels will be standing in the way of the Wrath this week as they look to overcome their early Week 3 loss to the Coco.

#2 - Canada Camels (2nd Place - 12 Pts; 6-1-0)

Coming in at the number two spot for two weeks in a row, the Canada Camels also had an incredible 3-0 week. The Camels have a game in hand on the rest of the division, as they played last night and lost against Choco Coco, but find themselves in a comfortable position heading into the rest of their third week. The Camels started their week off with a forfeit win against a struggling Alphas team, but a match that I still believe would have gone to the Camels. They followed that up with two impressive performances over the Michigan Mallards (6-3) and the New Jersey Minutemen (4-2), two experienced teams that were surely among the top of the competition this season. 

The Camels have two games remaining, one against the Wrath and one against the Washington Airplanes. As we know, the Wrath game will be highly anticipated. If the Camels can come ahead with the win in that game, look for the Camels to stay in the top 2 for the weeks to come.

#1 - Choco Coco (1st Place - 16 Pts; 8-0-0)

Choco Coco continues their dominance over Open division heading into their final game of Week 3. Although the Choco Coco played two early Week 3 games, their week two performances were just as impressive. A long first game of the week found the Choco Coco defeating the Michigan Mallards in overtime by a score of 3-2; their lowest scoring game so far this season. Once the Mallards were taken down, the Coco managed easily against the Minutemen and the Washington Airplanes. Additionally, their early week 3 games found wins against the Camels and the Wrath, the Power 2 and 3, respectively. 

The upcoming Coco schedule does not bode well for the rest of the division, as their next three games come against all-rookie teams who are currently placed in either 10 place or lower. However, their final two games of the season will not be easy to conquer. The Tokyo Ghoulz and Oklahoma Exotics still stand in their way. We will have to wait and see if Coco ends up dethroned, but until then I see Choco Coco holding on this #1 spot for a few weeks to come.

The Hot Seat…

#1 Washington Airplanes (11th Place - 2 Pts; 1-5-0)

Recently taking over as Captain, Kappa now finds himself in charge of a plane running out of fuel. A disappointing 0-3-0 week for the Airplanes now leaves this experienced team near the bottom of Open division. The Airplanes managed to put up 8 against the Exotics this week, but otherwise seemed non-existent in their matchups against the Minutemen and Choco Coco. However, the Airplanes may have found a safe spot to land. The additions of b*tt and EpicMan could be the savior for this Airplane season. Unfortunately the Airplanes play some of the best competition in Open this week - with games against the Camels, Ghoulz, and Otters. Their week three schedule will not be an easy feat, but this new roster may have what it takes to pull out a couple of victories. If not, Kappa may be radioing in ‘mayday’ to the controller tower. 

#2 - Michigan Mallards (6th Place - 8 Points; 3-1-2)

The highly-anticipated Michigan Mallards flew short of their week two expectations. Without winning a game, the Mallards still managed to pull 2 points out of their 0-1-2 week. Their first loss came at the hands of the Wrath, who ended things in overtime rather quickly on a nicely placed shot from the circle. Their second overtime loss came from the #1 seeded Choco Coco. This low-scoring match saw an extended overtime where both teams battled it out neck and neck until the very end. However, an attempted backhand stuff was met with a great defensive pinch and the puck traveled the length of the ice and into the Mallards net. To finish the week, the Mallards were defeated by the Camels in a 6-3 loss without their captain, Blades. 

The Mallards now find themselves in the middle of the pack. However, the Mallards could find new life in their week three schedule. With games against Empire State, Georgia, and the Texas Templars, this Michigan team could be flying high into the remainder of their schedule if the wind blows in the right direction for the Mallards. If not, the Mallards may be too injured to keep flying south for the winter.