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The Cycle | A Slapshot Podcast

Author: Kodiak, 01/22/20

Check out the all new slapshot podcast titled "The Cycle"

Hey Everyone,

The SPL will be promoting a brand new Slapshot podcast titled "The Cycle".  See info below:

"Balucha, Criz, and I have started a Slapshot based podcast titled "The Cycle". It has a main focus on SPL and competitive slapshot but we will talk about all things slap as we get closer to the launch of Slapshot 2. Episode 1 is now available on youtube and soundcloud in the links below, would appreciate it if you guys would like the video or whatever the youtubers say and please give us any feedback!" - Rodeo

The Cycle | Episode 1 (Youtube)

The Cycle | Episode 1 (Soundcloud)