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Top 5 Teams In Each Division According To The Blue Reaper (Season 2)

Author: Tetsu The Ghoul, 05/04/20

The Blue Reaper ranks the top 5 teams in each division ahead of the start of Season 2.

Top 5 Teams Pro Division

  1. Miami Vice
  2. Columbus Clappers
  3. Denver Omelets
  4. Carolina Smokers 
  5. Quebec Baguettes 

Honorable Mention: Chicago Sail

Top 5 Teams Intermediate Division

  1. Boston Barrage
  2. Drumbo Cows
  3. Midwest Shrimp Riders
  4. Bangor Yetis
  5. Detroit Mighty Clucks

Honorable Mention: The Honolulu Hootenanny’s

Top 5 Open Division Teams

  1. The Tokyo Ghoulz (No I’m not being Bias)
  2. Hebron Toothless Warriors
  3. Oklahoma Exotics
  4. St. Louis Goons
  5. New Jersey Minuteman

Honorable Mention: Kyoto Ghosts