Slapshot Premier League


What is the Slapshot Premier League?

The Slapshot Premier League (SPL) is a competitive Slapshot platform developed and managed by a small group of Slapshot Community Members.

How do I join?

We are currently waiting for the release of Slapshot: Rebound!  Please head over to our Discord to find out more information about when signups are available!

How is this different from all of the other leagues?

The SPL will not be a simulation style league. Instead, the SPL aims to provide a traditional e-sports format, one where teams are created by the players themselves and managed by a team creator/captain. 

Who can play in this league? Will I even be good enough?

Our goal is to provide multiple levels of competition, which will allow individuals to compete as seriously or as casually as they wish.

How many teams will be allowed to play during a season?

The SPL will be broken down into multiple divisions in order to provide a level playing field for all players. Teams will be assigned to divisions based on previous experience in SPL.

Is there an SPL Discord?

Yes! Please join us Here!

How will scheduling work for games?

All games will be scheduled according to the leagues default match play days (Wed,Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun).  

Do you plan on having casters or a stream schedule?

Yes! Currently M1nn is our primary pro league caster. Harvard Street, Chef Reno and Lazytrout are currently streaming IM games as well as picking up pro games when available. Open matches will be casted based on availability by other casters.

Pro Casters

Intermediate Casters

Open Casters