Slapshot Premier League

The process for qualifications for Rebound Season 1 will be as follows.

We will have 3 separate week long tournaments. All 3 tournaments will follow a BO1 pool play round robin format where the top 2 from those groups face off in a BO3 single elimination bracket. Top 4 from Week 1 and 2 will qualify for the Pro division(and not play the following tournaments). All teams will earn points based on where they finish in each tournament. Tournament 3 will take the top 2 into pro and 3rd/4th into IM. Following tournament 3 based on the qualification points earned from all 3 tournaments combined, we will seed every team into the remaining spots for the start of season 1. This means after the 10 pro teams and 2 IM teams are qualified the remaining top 8 teams will start in IM and the next remaining 12 after that will start in Open. The next 4 spots for open will be filled in the Open Entry Tournament which takes place Week 1 of the Pro/IM season (this allows for schedules to line up and still be as fair as possible in all divisions).

Rebound Season 1 FAQ

How do I sign up?

On our website. Make sure even if you were signed up as a team last season you signup for Season 1 of Rebound!

When will this be? 

January 4th. Signups will be available December 21st.

How many players on a Team?

4. Games will be 3v3 but you are allowed 4 players on your team at a time

Can I make a roster change during the qualification tournaments?

Sorta. In-between individual tournaments you are free to make changes(No roster changes mid tournament), however you must maintain at least 3 of the same players from the first tournament to the last to keep points earned. For example: MDub, Lemon, M1NN, FSI team for tournament 1. In-between tournament 1 and 2 FSI gets dropped for Reno. In-between tournament 2 and 3 This team could drop Reno for someone else, but dropping M1NN, Lemon, or MDub would result in this team losing their earned points from Tournament 1.

What will scheduling be like?

Scheduling will be up to the team captains to work out. The round Robin portion of the tournament will be required to be completed by Thursday(tournament starts on Monday). This means any teams not cooperating with scheduling will receive a FF. If a game is not played by Thursday and neither team contacts staff, both teams will receive a FF.

What if I or a teammate cant play on X day?

It is going to be very important that teams make sure they have a 4th player they are comfortable playing with. Because the tournaments happen back to back to back we cannot delay games passed the deadline dates. If you are going to be unavailable to play a certain day try to schedule around that or have your 4th play instead.

What are the tie breakers?

Tie breakers will be H2H, Goal differential and then a Bo1 Game in that order.

What is the Open Entry Tournament?

Because IM and Pro have 10 teams we decided to expand the season to 6 weeks. This means that Opens schedule would either not align with IM/Pro or be funky. The Open Entry Tournament will run the 1st week of the Pro/IM Season. The current structure for open is 2 conferences of 8. The top team in each conference will go to play for a chance to promote to IM. The 2-6 team in each conference retains their open spot for the next season. 7/8 in both conferences will have to play against any new team that registers to earn back a spot in the Open Division the following season

How will seeding work

Tournament 1 we will use where players finished in the last season of Slapshot 1 as well as general knowledge of player skill to try and make the group stage as fair as possible. Tournament 2 and 3 we will use earned qualification points from previous tournaments.

What days can we play?

Monday - Thursday will be used for Round Robin. Friday and Saturday Rounds 1- Round of 16 will be played with the quarter finals being played on Sunday.

What is the earned points breakdown for Round Robin and bracket?

In Round Robin teams will earn the following points depending on where they finish in their respective pool
1st - 6
2nd - 4
3rd - 2
4th - 1
In bracket play teams will earn the following points depending on where they finish
Quarter-final Elimination - 6
Round of 16 Elimination - 3
Round of 32 Elimination - 1

How will qualification work?

The top 4 teams from tournament 1 and 2 will qualify for the pro division(Those 8 teams dont play in tournaments after they qualify). In tournament 3 the top 2 will qualify for pro and 3/4 will qualify for IM. Following tournament 3 we will list every team based on their points earned from all 3 tournaments and place the next 8 in IM. Following that the next 12 teams will be placed in open. During week 1 of the IM/pro season Open will host a Open Entry tournament to fill the last 4 spots.

How many teams are in each division?

Pro - 10 (top 8 go to playoffs bottom 2 go to promotional tournament)
IM - 10 (top 2 go to promotional tournament bot 2 go to promotional tournament)
Open - 16 (2 conferences of 8)

What if my team does not qualify, but we want to play in a league still?

We are aware of the potential influx of teams and will address this situation if we have a group of teams that do not qualify for open, but still want to play a "Season". We will just have to wait and see what numbers look like for this!

How do I report scores/someone not responding?

Head over to the #general-help-desk channel of our discord and open a ticket! We will not be tracking stats for this tournament so all that is needed is the final score of each game.

Where do I see how many points my team has earned?

The #qualification-leaderboard channel in our discord.

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