News Report

News Report

SPL Moves to Slapshot Rebound

12/03/20 | LemonBond & SPL Staff

Slapshot Premier League will be transitioning from Slapshot to Slapshot Rebound upon the December 7th Early Access release of the game!

The wait is over! Slapshot Rebound will be releasing to Early Access on Monday, December 7th. Replacing its predecessor Slapshot (released on March 8, 2019).

Upon the Early Access release of the game, SPL will be proceeding to setup for our 1st season on Slapshot Rebound.

The setup will involve a series of placement tournaments. Determining who gets placed in our Pro, Intermediate and Open Divisions heading into Season 1.

To learn more about this process visit the SPL Rebound Season 1 FAQ page.

Join Our League Discord to stay up to date on the latest SPL news and updates as we prepare for the resuming of league play on Slapshot Rebound!

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